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Molly Lawson - Western Heritage Artist

Molly Lawson is a western heritage photographer based in Barnsdall, Oklahoma. She is born and raised a rancher's daughter and has kept her ranching heritage roots by marrying a cattleman and raising their two sons to be cattlemen.

Her artistic journey began in late 2019 when she was on the verge of quitting her portrait photography business after photographing her husband one afternoon. Since that afternoon, she went on to be featured in her very first solo art show at a local museum and has since photographed many ranches and cowboys in their element including showing at several museums and local art shows.

Molly is entirely self-taught which has allowed creative freedom to curate her own style of rich, bold colors and realistic textures adding to the realism of her imagery. Her inspiration comes from her lifestyle and her desire to bridge the gap between cowboys and those desperate to look into a window of the cowboy's life.


Molly is a proud founding + signature member of Cowgirl Artists of America. She is currently curating a solo show which will feature the ranches of the historic brand wall of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. This show will showcase fine art canvases + feature a documentary film of the ranchers.

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